WTS Consulting has successfully represented the interests of the global software vendor in the process of debt collection for provided licenses and services on software technical support.

During the case consideration the team of lawyers overcame the hard opposition of the state company which used all the techniques aimed at delaying the case and avoiding liability, namely initiating several cases on invalidity of the license agreement, the attempt to initiate different types of examinations, delaying on other reasons.

Therefore, during the proceedings in the courts of all instances, along with the usual circumstances that are the subject of the proof in debt collecting process, it became necessary to prove the amount of rights of software usage, to detail the specifics of rendering technical support services, functional purpose of applications and price transparency under the license agreement, as well as to stop in detail on the specifics of the process of license rights transferring.

The result of professional software vendor interests representation became the positive decisions of the courts of all three instances.


Client: the world’s leading provider of business applications for enterprises