KM Partners successfully defended the interests of the client in judicial disputes concerning recognition of property rights on mortgaged land

The claim price was more than USD 10 million. Our constant work on the case resulted in the successful decision of the appeal commercial court and recognition of the client’s ownership of the mortgaged land.

In 2017 the opponents initiated illegal registration of new land plots within the existing land plot, while client’s ownership of the land was confirmed by the court. The overlaying land plots without necessary title documents were transferred to the third parties several times. Advocacy request, prepared by our lawyers, allowed obtaining timely and official confirmation of illegal division of the land plot, which helped cancel illegal registration of rights to land plots as well as annulment of access to the register for the private registrar who conducted the illegal registration.

In 2017 the opponents initiated revision on newly revealed circumstances of the decision on recognition of the client’s ownership to mortgaged land. We defeated all their arguments and the court rejected the claim of revision on newly revealed circumstances.


client: international investment and development company