Support of distributions of seeds, pesticides and fertilizers

KM Partners provides legal structuring of distribution schemes, development and support of agreements on sale and distribution of seeds, crop protection agents and agrochemicals. Our firm provides legal support within disputes concerning quality of agricultural products (seed germination).

Our lawyers provide legal analysis of commercial, pricing policies and strategies of trade in seeds and crop protection products, in particular for competition and tax law purposes.

We provide legal assistance in the issues related to the import of unregistered plant varieties for probation, regarding the registration of plant varieties (hybrids) in Ukraine for the purpose of obtaining a right for distribution of such variety, as well as the protection of intellectual property rights to plant varieties.

Our experts analyze articles and promotional materials on seeds which are published in the media, in the context of their compliance with the laws on protection against unfair competition and advertising legislation.

We also advise on the legal aspects of use and disposal of herbicides, pesticides and other crop protection agents, recycling of their packaging.

Our advisers have developed a system of securing payments for seeds purchased on credit. This system can be used even if an agricultural producer does not own real estate or other liquid assets suitable for pledge. This security includes a special regime of bank accounts and wire-transfers and functions on account of cash inflow from grain purchasers.