Criminal proceedings

Attorneys of KM Partners provide services regarding defense of Clients’ officials and staff in criminal proceedings in relation to criminal offenses (crimes) in the area of economic activity. Besides this, our attorneys carry out effective defense in criminal proceedings opened on the grounds of public crimes, qualified as evasion of taxes (Article 212 of the Criminal Code), forgery in office (Article 366 of the Criminal Code), neglect of official duty (Article 367 of the Criminal Code), fraud (Article 190 of the Criminal Code), misappropriation, embezzlement or conversion of property by malversation (Article 191 of the Criminal Code), violation of occupational safety law (Article 271 of the Criminal Code) etc.

Our services in this area are unique since protection in criminal proceedings is carried out by attorneys who have honed their skills for years in litigation processes with tax and custom authorities. When attorneys with such experience fortified by practical skills in criminal proceedings, which differ substantially from other types of proceedings, participate in criminal trial, it allows apply comprehensive approach to form a defense line and take into account the peculiarities of each particular situation.

Gained knowledge and practical experience of our specialists are directed to, first of all, early closure of the criminal proceedings registered in the Unified Register of Pre-Trial Investigations based upon the absence of act and/or lack of elements of criminal offense in the actions of officials of our Clients. At the same time experience of attorneys of KM Partners includes protection at all stages of pre-trial investigation and during court hearings of criminal proceedings.

Core services in this practice:

  • full range of services on defense of taxpayers’ officials in criminal proceedings;
  • appeal against unlawful decisions, actions or inactions of the investigating and prosecution authorities;
  • support taxpayers’ officials during interrogations in any procedural status;
  • preparation of responses to requests and demands from investigating and prosecution authorities, including requests based on Article 93 Code of Criminal Procedure;
  • legal assistance during search and temporary access to belongings and documents;
  • defense of officials in the status of witnesses and suspects in the bodies of pre-trial investigation;
  • work on the formation of evidence to support the position of taxpayers’ officials;
  • defense within the scope of court hearings of criminal proceedings against officials of our Clients;
  • initiation of opening and support in criminal proceedings regarding illegal actions done by officials of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, bodies of internal affairs, the prosecutor’s office and others.