Competition and Antitrust

KM Partners advises clients in the area of the antitrust and competition law as well as accompanies restructuring projects, mergers and acquisitions, obtains approvals from the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) for concentration and concerted actions.

Analysis of the necessity of obtaining a permit for the concentration is a compulsory part of the planning and structuring of transactions regarding the transfer of corporate rights. In case of necessity to obtain a permit, our experts will help to prepare all necessary documents as well as determine company’s share on the market, calculate the aggregate value of assets and sold goods, set all related entities etc. We will also accompany the whole process of obtaining of permit, including the preparation of responses to additional requests from the AMC.

Legal consulting on antitrust issues will help to prevent violations in the area of distribution, in particular concerning the aspects of antidumping, territorial distribution of products, determination of minimum retail prices.

We carry out examination of packaging layouts, labels of food and non-food products, advertising drafts, terms of advertising campaigns and marking of products with the discount. Within comprehensive examination we evaluate their compliance with requirements of antitrust authorities in order to avoid violation of the rights of other manufacturers as well as intellectual property rights and, also, in terms of consumers’ rights protection.

Our company successfully represents interests of our clients at the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine concerning anticompetitive concerted actions and unfair competition.