Issues related to unfair competition

KM Partners provides advises to clients on issues related to unfair competition. We carry out control of the package models, labels of food and non-food products, advertising drafts, terms of advertising campaigns and labeling of products with the discount. Within comprehensive expertise we evaluate their compliance with requirements of antitrust authorities in order to avoid violation of the rights of other manufacturers as well as intellectual property rights, and, also, in the context of consumers’ rights protection.

KM Partners warns customers against violations in the area of unfair competition. Particularly, in pharmacology, misleading of the clients on medicinal characteristics and possible collateral effects of drugs, unique components and qualities, term of existence of the drug on the Ukrainian market, the arrogation of medicinal qualities to biologically active additives, cause especially severe reaction of the antitrust authorities which leads to imposing of the highest fines for such violations.

Our experts will assist in dispute with the “unfair” competitor who does not obey honest practices in business. We also provide services concerning the protection of our clients in AMCU during the investigations and disputes with competitors who accuse our client in unfair competition.