Customs Law

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KM Partners is one of the most authoritative law firms in Ukraine providing legal services in the sphere of customs law. We are proud to note that our clients recommend us as a reliable partner on the issues of customs regulation.

Our specialists are always in the front line of all important developments in the application of customs rules. KM Partners is one of the first Ukrainian law firms which effectively started to apply the world experience while protecting the clients’ positions in disputes with customs authority on the issues consideration of the royalty and transportation costs in the customs value as well as other urgent questions of the customs value determination and classification of the goods under UKT ZED (Ukrainian classification of goods in foreign economic activity).

In-depth knowledge of the customs law combined with thorough knowledge of the tax legislation and extensive experience in contesting decisions of state authorities set “WTS Consulting” LLC apart as one of few law firms which can render comprehensive legal services in the sphere of customs law.

KM Partners has successful experience of assisting in the disputes on such urgent issues as determination of the customs value and classification of goods for the purposes of customs clearance.

Not so rarely our firm could manage to protect the interests of the clients in disputes on resonant issues, the court cases of which, as a rule, ended up not in favor of the FEA entities. It frequently appeared that our firm succeeded in defending interests of the clients in disputes on the issues which earlier were usually resolved not in favor of economic operators.