Intellectual Property

KM Partners provides assistance to the clients within a wide range of issues related to intellectual property, from the registration of the trade mark or plant variety to structuring of complex cross-border transactions related to the transfer of intellectual property rights. We successfully represent our clients in state authorities, including the State Intellectual Property Service and courts.

Our experts have a deep understanding of the information technology sphere which makes possible to provide quality services in the area of information security, usage of computer programs, protection of domain names, carrying out of the e-commerce.

Tax and customs profile of our company enables to structure optimally relations concerning charges for the use of intellectual property, to provide to our clients an assistance concerning extraordinary and complex issues which require at the same time consideration of intellectual property, tax and customs aspects, including the qualification of license payments as royalty for tax and customs purposes, taking decision concerning the necessity of inclusion of licensee payments to the customs value of commodities and application of provisions of treaties on avoidance of double taxation.

KM Partners lawyers are members of authors team of prestigious international edition “International Licensing”.