Plant varieties

KM Partners provides support to manufacturers and distributors of seed material of plant varieties (hybrids) in Ukraine concerning the protection of intellectual property rights. Protection of plant varieties can combine several forms, including the recognition of personal non-property rights (confirmed by a certificate of authorship on the plant variety), intellectual property rights for a plant variety (confirmed by a patent for a plant variety) and intellectual property rights for the distribution of plant variety (confirmed by certificate of the state registration of plant varieties).

We help to formalize and register the license agreements (according to the legislation it is applicable only to those plant varieties rights on which are protected within the patent) and prepare agreements on the transfer of intellectual property rights regarding plant varieties that have passed through the state registration, however, do not have any patent protection.

KM Partners has extensive experience concerning the tax accounting of payments under such agreements, which largely depends on the scope of legal protection of particular plant variety in Ukraine.