Obtaining licenses and permits

Our experts advise on licensing issues and compliance with provisions of regulatory acts during company’s activities, including permits necessary for industrial production (including environmental permits, permits for works and maintenance of machines and mechanisms with increased level of risk), subsoil use, growing and trade of agricultural products etc.

Despite of declared and actual trends of declining of the number of permits, even relatively small companies can be obliged to obtain “industrial” permissions. In particular, lift or autoloader operation requires permission on operation of the mechanism with increased level of risk, and operation of the water intake well with capacity more than 300m3 per day requires not only a special water consumption permit but also a special permit for subsoil use.

KM Partners provides assistance in re-issuance of permits in case of the reorganization or changes in company’s name as well as provides recommendations regarding such preparations in order to ensure
uninterrupted production during the transition period.