Preparing constituent documents

KM Partners offers preparation of the charters, articles of association, regulations concerning the executive body, other governing bodies of the company, as well as providing of the analysis of existing documents in order to put them into compliance with the provisions of the legislation.

We will help to structure optimally company’s governance and propose effective control mechanisms of the company’s management activities (appointment of non-resident as director, restrictions on concluding of the agreements by director, establishing of the directorate, establishing regulations of the first and second signature).

During the development of statutory documents we also include recommended and mandatory requirements of special laws (such as the right to carry out foreign economic activity, the right to enter into donation agreements, the right to import seeds that are not included to the Register of Plant Varieties of Ukraine for Selection and Research Purposes as well as providing industry-related (fire) security of the enterprise, etc.).

Long-term cooperation with the registrars from all districts of Kyiv allows us to develop documents in compliance with their demands (in particular, concerning companies’ names, drawing up of protocols and charters, compulsory availability of the participants’ registration protocol) without any unnecessary delays.