Due Diligence of real property

Due diligence of property is an essential step towards the acquisition of such object (target). Detection of risks associated with the target in time will help to estimate properly the cost and feasibility of such investments, and (if possible) to eliminate identified risks before purchasing of the target.

Due diligence of land plots includes checking legitimacy of possession and use of land, obtaining all necessary approvals and compliance with necessary procedures during their allotment, withdrawal, change of purpose etc., checking of validity of agreements on land as well as compliance to restriction set for agricultural land and etc.

Substantial experience of our lawyers and quick reference in construction and sanitary norms, other regulations, urban-planning and land-planning documents allow to exam not only compliance of land documents with formal requirements, but also the possibility of construction and usage of an object taking into consideration surrounding buildings, protection zones, and other restrictions on the use of land.

As a rule, real estate audit is not limited to one object (a building and/or a land plot) but includes examination, identification of problems and providing consultations regarding complex industrial, manufacturing, commercial and other objects.