Tax litigation

Successful representation of the taxpayers’ interests in the disputes with tax authorities is the key area of the activity of KM Partners and has been highly appreciated by our clients for many years.

Combination of litigation skills and deep knowledge in the field of taxation is the Company’s principled approach which provides for the highest productivity of the positive settlement of the disputes with tax authorities. Protection in the disputes with tax authorities is not limited only to representation of the interests in court disputes, the total amount of which reaches 200 cases accompanied by KM Partners.

Separation of such highly specialized practice – disputes with tax authorities – provided with the possibility to elaborate profound and original approaches to solving the cases of vast variety of complicacy. In particular, KM Partners applies alternative dispute resolution methods such as, for example, amicable agreements with tax authorities.

Strategic planning of the legal views yet being on the stage of legal support provision in the course of tax audits becomes the basis for successful dispute resolution in the future or even its prevention.

We try to lay down the foundations of our clients’ protection at the stage of enactment of the regulatory acts by means of active participation in discussions respective bills and providing our own proposals.