Developing documentation to justify the price level in controlled transactions

According to the current transfer pricing legislation a taxpayer has only 1-2 months to prepare and submit transfer pricing documentation upon request of the fiscal authority. The advisors of KM Partners render the range of services on preparation of transfer pricing documentation, which may include:

  • preparation of the descriptive part of the documentation according to the current legislation;
  • preparation of the functional analysis of controlled transactions;
  • preparation of transfer pricing method justification;
  • monitoring of the available information in official and other pricing information sources in order to calculate the market price range/profitability;
  • substantiation of market prices in non-standard controlled transactions;
  • economic analysis of controlled transactions.

Membership in the WTS Global provides the experts of KM Partners with an opportunity to take into consideration the experience of our foreign colleagues’ transfer pricing reporting. Thus, we can use information from international databases when it is necessary for the purposes of economic analysis of controlled transactions.