Date Title Author Source
02-12-2014 To be in brand
Alexander Minin Publication: "Yuridicheskaya Praktika”, № 48 (884)
25-11-2014 Tax on the wane?
Alexander Minin, Commentator: Alexander Minin Publication: «50 vedushсhih juridicheskih firm Ukrainy 2014 goda»
31-10-2014 Peculiarities of the new transfer pricing rules in Ukraine
Ivan Shynkarenko Publication: "Multi-jurisdictional Guide 2014/ 2015: Tax on transactions"
20-10-2014 Opening of the State Register of Proprietary Rights to Immovable Property – a long-awaited step, but with incomplete implementation
Alexander Shvorak
17-10-2014 Disclosure of final beneficiaries: will the companies’ ownership structure become more transparent?
Alexander Shvorak
14-10-2014 Exemption from duties in the EU: what should the Ukrainian exporters know?
Ivan Shynkarenko
10-10-2014 The NBU began to close schemes with a delay and very ineffectively: one who is interested still may change the registration of its accumulations
Alexander Minin, Commentator: Alexander Minin Publication: «Delovaya stolitsa»
01-09-2014 Сontesting individual tax consultations from the viewpoint of judges of the Higher Administrative Court and the Supreme Court of Ukraine. The latest trends
Ivan Shynkarenko
14-08-2014 Tax system reloading: when fiscals will become partners for business
Alexander Minin, Commentator: Alexander Minin Publication: "Kontrakty"
01-08-2014 What should know the mobilized person about criminal liability
Oleksiy Spivak
09-07-2014 Protest settlements
Alexander Shemiatkin Publication: "Yuridicheskaia Praktika", # 26-27
13-06-2014 VAT reform: stop stealing or abolish a tax
Alexander Shemiatkin Publication: "Zerkalo nedeli», # 21
12-06-2014 What danger carries the Financial Investigations Service?
Alexander Shemiatkin Publication: Forbes Ukraine
02-06-2014 Defects in primary documents as a risk factor for unreal/void transaction qualification. The latest trends in court practice and our recommendations
Alexander Minin
21-05-2014 The Law aims to struggle against raiders or to help them?
Illia Prokopiev Publication: "Kontrakty"