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12-12-2017 The new social contract on VAT
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07-11-2017 Grey agricultural market in Ukraine: what measures should be undertaken in order to solve this problem?
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31-10-2017 Innovations in the financial area… Ukraine can still be a leader
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18-10-2017 To improve valuation
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02-10-2017 Ukraine adapts registration of VAT vouchers to tackle fraud
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29-09-2017 Constitutional complaint in tax matters. A new way of protection against defective laws
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10-08-2017 The plea agreements under Article 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The main trends
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02-08-2017 The first court practice in disputes on transfer pricing. Conclusions for business
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17-07-2017 Outstaffing: controlling bodies’ claims and court practice
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14-07-2017 Corporate Profit Tax or Exit Capital Tax
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12-07-2017 “Competitive tax system needs decisive changes”, – Ivan Shynkarenko (Interview)
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11-07-2017 Penalties of the State Labour Service of Ukraine
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10-07-2017 Normative monetary valuation of lands is at the intersection of Land and Tax Law
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04-07-2017 Specialist sees improvement in Ukraine’s tax collection system (interview with Alexander Minin)
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