Date Title Author Source
20-12-2018 Details of application of 30% adjustment under pp. 140.5.4 of the Tax Code when dealing with German companies
Kateryna Utiralova "АНК-NEWS", No. 8
30-11-2018 To adjust financial result or to apply TP – that is the question
Kateryna Utiralova "Yurydychna Gazeta", No. 48
28-11-2018 How to evaluate the inaction of the tax authority regarding the termination of shady contractors in the light of disputes over “sham transactions”
Alexander Minin, Mariia Kozlenko "UAA Bulletin", No. 6
26-11-2018 Transfer pricing in figures
Ivan Shynkarenko "WTS Global TP Newsletter",#2.2018
21-11-2018 To resolve doubts
Alexander Minin, Mariia Kozlenko "Yiridicheskaya Praktika", No. 47
19-11-2018 Exit Capital Tax 2019 — leave them, kids, alone
Alexander Shemiatkin "Ekonomicheskaya pravda"
16-11-2018 Leave us in peace. How the Exit Capital Tax will change business behavior
Alexander Shemiatkin "Ekonomicheskaya pravda"
14-11-2018 Corporate Profit Tax: an obstacle to GDP growth
Alexander Shemiatkin "Ekonomicheskaya pravda"
06-11-2018 To lose on someone else’s mistakes
Maxim Oleksiyuk, Viktoriia Minets "Yiridicheskaya Praktika", No. 44
31-10-2018 «Taxes are the issue that concerns everyone despite the sphere of business» (interview of Senior Of Counsel at KM Partners Antonina Gorodetska for «Zakon i Biznes»)
Antonina Gorodetska "Zakon i Biznes", No. 43 (1393)
25-10-2018 New obstacles for taxpayers. Reimbursement of legal aid expenses
Alexander Shemiatkin, Tetiana Suchyk "Yurydychna Gazeta", No. 43-44
17-09-2018 Electronic administration system – VAT on manual control?
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12-09-2018 Corporate Risks under the Law on Companies
Maxim Oleksiyuk, Viktoriia Minets «UJBL», # 9
27-08-2018 New Law on Companies
Maxim Oleksiyuk, Viktoriia Minets "WTS CEE Newsletter "Tax Bridge"", #2/2018
15-08-2018 Capital repair. Alexander Shemiatkin comments on replacement of profit tax by exit capital tax
Alexander Shemiatkin "Yiridicheskaya Praktika", No. 33