Date Title Author Source
18-09-2019 Land reform protectors: how they work in the EU
Maxim Oleksiyuk "Ekonomicheskaya pravda"
16-09-2019 Ask a lawyer: what financial assistance do you have the right to receive from an employer?
Anna Kravchuk "The Point"
12-09-2019 Americans restrict the purchase of agricultural lands by foreigners
Maxim Oleksiyuk "Yurydychna Gazeta", No. 37
28-08-2019 Tax dispute: what else to be guided by besides the Tax Code?
Alexander Minin "Yurydychna Gazeta", No. 35
19-08-2019 Land fakes
Maxim Oleksiyuk "Dzerkalo tuzhnia",# 30
26-07-2019 Since end-2018, any amendment to company register requires submission of information on beneficiaries
Maxim Oleksiyuk, Viktoriia Minets "WTS СЕЕ", #1/2019
25-07-2019 Penalty for late registration of tax invoices in terms of legal certainty
Alexander Shemiatkin "LIGA:ZAKON"
17-07-2019 Alexander Minin: “Attorney at Law is a professional doctor of social problems”
Alexander Minin "UBA"
10-07-2019 Ask a lawyer: what are the rights and guarantees of single mothers at work?
Yaroslava Ivasiuk, Anna Kravchuk "The Point"
09-07-2019 Transfer pricing for agribusiness: what we need to focus on
Kateryna Utiralova "Yurydychna Gazeta", No. 28-29
24-06-2019 New changes in Ukrainian transfer pricing rules in 2019
Ivan Shynkarenko, Kateryna Utiralova "WTS Transfer Pricing Newsletter", No. 1/2019
13-06-2019 Valuable quality
Elena Bukuyeva "Yiridicheskaya Praktika", No. 24
04-06-2019 The dispute on the results of a regular tax audit: is there a place for criminality?
Alexander Minin "Yurydychna Gazeta", No. 23
26-03-2019 How to Distinguish between Disputable Tax Matters and Criminal Tax Evasion
Alexander Minin "UJBL", No. 03
04-03-2019 Decreasing the burden on the labor compensation fund and the pension reform – where to start?
Alexander Shemiatkin "Dzerkalo tuzhnia",# 8