Date Title Author Source
24-06-2020 Liability transferred after M&A: How new management can avoid risks
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17-06-2020 Tax on corporate lending and bond issues in Ukraine: overview
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16-06-2020 Tax on corporate transactions in Ukraine: overview
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12-06-2020 When a law is not the law
Alexander Minin "Yurydychna Gazeta", No. 11 (717)
29-05-2020 Alexander Minin comments about the effect of the Law No. 466-IX on IT-industry in Ukraine
Alexander Minin "Minfin"
26-05-2020 Ukrainian Parliament implements three-tier approach to TP documentation and other important changes to the Tax Code
Ivan Shynkarenko "WTS Transfer Pricing Newsletter, #1/2020"
14-05-2020 Fine line: tax collection VS expropriation of investments
Alexander Minin, Antonina Gorodetska "Yurydychna Gazeta"No. 9 (715)
13-05-2020 Guilty though guiltless
Expected problems of application of p. 2 Art. 6 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms when determining guilt under the Draft Law No. 1210

Antonina Gorodetska "Yurydychna Gazeta" No. 8 (714)
15-04-2020 Ukraine plans to tax supplies of digital services from non-residents
Inna Taptunova, Andrii Denysenko "WTS Global VAT Newsletter, #1/2020"
Value Added Tax on residential property in Ukraine and according to EU Directive: and what is worth thinking about
Alexander Minin "Yurydychna Gazeta"
07-02-2020 Landlord: the final text of the Land Reform
Maxim Oleksiyuk "Yurydychna Gazeta", No. 2
30-01-2020 Degree of latitude
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09-01-2020 Approaches must be changed, not people
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