Alexander Shemiatkin took part in the discussion about the reformation of Corporate Profit Tax

February 26, 2016

On February, 22 the first stream of the weekly cycle “The concept of Liberal Tax reform (Draft Law № 3357)” came off. The project is carried out within the scope of the NGO “Institute of the Liberal Economy.”

Alexander Shemiatkin, Partner, Attorney at Law of WTS Consulting/ KM Partners and co-author of the Draft Law No 3357 was invited to the first discussion of the program.

The topic of the program was “Corporate Profit Tax”. Alexander Shemiatkin took part in the discussion and analyzed limitation and problematic issues of functional classical model of taxation, in particular, Corporate Profit Tax. The expert considers the issue may be settled by introduction of Tax on Distributed Profit as an alternative possibility to reformation of Profit Tax and the settlement of problems with its administration.