Alexander Minin and Ivan Shynkarenko took part in the Agrarian Forum of the UAA

April 21, 2017

The III All-Ukrainian Agrarian Forum of the UAA, that is a significant event for the agricultural sector of Ukraine’s economy, was held on April 20, 2017. The event was arranged by the Ukrainian Advocates Association.  became the partner of the Forum.

The Senior Partner of  Alexander Minin and Partner Ivan Shynkarenko delivered the reports at the session “Taxation in agribusiness. The application, preservation and protection of assets in agribusiness”.

Alexander Minin analyzed the tax issues relevant to the Ukrainian agricultural market, particularly focused on the abolition of the special regime for farmers and on the local taxes in the agricultural business as well.

Ivan Shynkarenko told about the protection features of the agricultural enterprises in disputes related to the transfer pricing issues and presented the effective protection strategies due to the type of dispute.