Senior of Counsel and Attorney of WTS Consulting/ KM Partners Attorneys at Law Vitaliy Odzhykovskyy delivered a report at the V Ukrainian Tax Forum of Students’ League of UBA

December 9, 2015

On December 5 -6 V Ukrainian Tax Forum took place, being organized by Student’s League of Ukrainian Bar Association. The aim of event was bringing together practicing lawyers, law students, representatives of the government institutions and business companies for discussing modern problems of taxation in Ukraine and abroad, as well as finding possible ways of solving these problems. WTS Consulting/ KM Partners became a partner of the event.

During the Forum on December 5, Senior of Counsel Vitaliy Odzhykovskyy spoke on behalf of our company. The report of the advisor was devoted to the analysis of the U.S. Supreme Court Decision and its projection to Ukrainian tax model in the case Pollock v. Farmers’ Loan & Trust Company, decided April 8, 1895.

Particularly, in his presentation Vitaliy made a comparison of experience on taxation and tax disputes solving in Ukraine and the USA. Within the comparison deep problems were found in understanding and application of Ukrainian tax laws, their correspondence to basic principles and requirements of the Constitution of Ukraine. The qualification of local taxes in Ukraine in the context of provisions of Ukrainian Constitution was presented as well.

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