Successful defence of clients’ interests: the court has declared illegal the decision of the customs regarding the determination of UKT ZED code, under which it intended to classify concentrated juices 

Lawyers of WTS Consulting have successfully defended the interests of big producer and importer of beverages in the dispute with customs regarding the illegality of classifying the concentrated juices under the UKT ZED codes for juices with added sugar and thus raising the import duty rate from 2% to 10%.

The Court of Appeal supported the decision of the court of the first instance and cancelled illegal decisions of the customs. In particular, the court took into account information of producers confirming the absence of added sugar in the concentrated juices.

In addition, lawyers of WTS Consulting proved the obligation of using the special methodology of determination of added sugar in concentrated juices, which is relevant for Ukraine taking into account the fact that the Customs Tariff of Ukraine, as opposed to the Combined Nomenclature of EU, contains separate codes for respective concentrated juices.

The Partner of WTS Consulting Ivan Shynkarenko and lawyer Oleksiy Korop represented the Client’s interests in the court.


client: producer and importer of beverages