Advertising, marketing services, sales promotion services, merchandising

WTS Consulting LLC has considerable experience in structuring of marketing and advertising relations, including purchase/provision of marketing and advertising services, payment of the bonuses, incentive payments, discounting, providing of merchandising services.

Taking into account business processes of the Client, WTS Consulting LLC provides recommendations on the best option as regards the structuring of such relations focusing on possible tax consequences of purchase/provision of marketing and advertising services, payment of bonuses, incentive payments, discounting, merchandising services.

WTS Consulting LLC has considerable experience of advising and providing of support in documenting of marketing and other services rendered by suppliers of the goods to the end-consumers in the points of sale, including the services, which are rendered by trading networks.

Depending on peculiarities of the Clients’ activity our specialists elaborate the drafts of primary documents as well as provide recommendations regarding additional documenting of such services for the tax purposes.

Experience of WTS Consulting LLC covers not only structuring of the contractual relationships, but also elaborating of internal documents required to confirm tax expenses for advertising, marketing services, merchandising (internal orders, merchandisers’ reports etc.).

Our specialists have a considerable experience in advising on tax audit expenses related to purchasing of the services on creation, adaptation and using of promo videos and other advertising materials taking into account, inter alia, intellectual property rights for such objects.