Yuliia Kryvomaz was elected to the UBA Committee on Tax and Customs Law

January 26,  2024

The Ukrainian Bar Association presented the new composition of the boards of committees for 2024-2025 based on the voting results.

Senior Of Council at  Yuliia Kryvomaz was elected a member of the board of the Committee on Tax and Customs Law of the Ukrainian Bar Association.

We are sure that it will be possible to succeed in realization of well-defined directions and make a valuable contribution to the Committee of the Ukrainian Bar Association relying on complex understanding of specific features of system of taxation of the enterprises and based on the considerable experience of .

Through joint efforts, we will try to make the activity of the Committee even more responsive to taxpayers’ requests, with a more active role of the Committee in formation of law enforcement practice and facilitating the resolution of taxpayers’ practical requests.

Sincere congratulations to Yuliia and we are grateful to our colleagues for their choice and trust!

We would like to remind that the Committee’s development program is available by the link.