Alexander Shemiatkin was elected as the Co-Chair of the Chamber Tax Committee

June 25, 2018

Alexander Shemiatkin, Partner at  , was elected as the Co-Chair of the Chamber Tax Committee on June 25, 2018.

The main goal of Alexander at this position is to limit tax legislation abuse. In particular, Alexander will focus on achieving adoption of two Draft laws, being the co-legislator to both of them, namely: the Draft law on fighting against Gray Export of Goods and the Draft law on the replacement of the Corporate Profit Tax with the Exit Capital Tax. Also, the significant part of work will be dedicated to establishment of the efficient mechanisms of responsibility of tax authorities for unlawful actions, further improvement of electronic services in relations with tax authorities, in particular the full-fledged launch of the electronic cabinet including introduction of the single account for the payment of all taxes (Alexander is the author of the respective amendments to the Tax Code), promotion of fair consideration of the tax disputes and assistance to the ACC members in solving systematic issues in relations with tax authorities.