KM Partners law firm provides consulting support of high quality on any issues, arising in the course of business of both legal entities and natural persons. In addition we render a range of services related to the practical realization of such consultations in practice. Our services include:

  • advising on different issues of administration and corporate income tax payment;
  • providing of comprehensive support in solving problems related to the advance payments (including analysis of the structure of overpayment, providing of proposals regarding the options for its use, drafting the applications on the use of the overpayment and further support in the course of its implementation, including through correspondence with the controlling authority);
  • advising and providing of recommendations related to administration and payment of value added tax, excise duties and other indirect taxes. Weare ready to provide assistance to find the answer to any question regarding tax accounting, including the problematic issues, which may arise during interpretation of the TaxCode of Ukraine, filling-in of tax returns;
  • advising on difficult issues, which may arise in the process of doing business by subjects applying special tax regimes;
  • rendering a range of services on problematic issues related to payments in favour of non-residents. In-depth knowledge in the areas of tax and currency regulation, combined with considerable experience in cooperation with controlling authorities, enable KM Partners experts to assess the risks, which our clients may face when making the payments abroad and offer the best way to prevent such risks. Our services also include elaboration of documents which confirm the payments, qualification of such payments and, if necessary, legal assistance in documenting and structuring of the payments;
  • advising regarding the problematic issues of administration and payment of special fees, including the fee for special use of water, fees for the use of subsoil and others;
  • providing of advices and recommendations on issues related to applying of double taxation treaties concluded between Ukraine and other countries.