Personal Data Protection Policy

Personal data – data or data collection about physical entity (the Website user), which is identified or can be specifically identified.

Composition and content of the personal data:

  1. Full Name.
  2. Address of place of residence/ registration.
  3. Telephone numbe.
  4. Email address.
  5. Other data (optional).

Controller: WTS Tax Legal Consulting, LLC, address: 5 Pankivska str., Kyiv, Ukraine.


Consent to the processing of personal data:

By registering on the Website, placing an order on the Website and/ or by providing his/ her personal data in any other way, each Subject of personal data proves and confirms that he/ she has read and absolutely agreed with this Personal Data Protection Policy, will follow it, that he/ she is familiar with rights related to his/ her personal data as well as with the fact that his/ her voluntarily provided personal data is a consent for its termless processing by the Controller at his own discretion by any means for marketing and/ or any other purpose permitted by the legislation of Ukraine.


The Personal Data Subject shall have the right to:

  • know about the location of base of personal data which contains his/ her personal data, its purpose and name, location and/ or place of residence (staying) of the Controller or processor of such personal data, or to issue a respective proxy to the authorized persons, except for cases established by the law;
  • receive the information concerning the conditions of access to personal data, in particular information about third persons who obtain his/ her personal data;
  • receive a response with regard to whether his/ her personal data are stored in a respective personal database as well as to receive the content of his/ her personal data which are stored in such base of personal data, no longer than in 30 days period from the moment the request has been received in cases other than prescribed by Law;
  • submit motivated requests to a personal data Controller objecting against processing his/ her personal data;
  • provide a motivated request with regard to change or destruction of his/ her personal data by any Controller and processor of such personal data, if such data are processed illegally or are inaccurate;
  • protect his/ her personal data from unlawful processing and accidental loss, destruction, damage due to a deliberate concealing, failure to provide them or provision of such data with delay, as well as to protect from provision of information which is inaccurate or harms the person’s honour, dignity and business reputation;
  • appeal to state central or local authorities responsible for personal data protection to safeguard your rights of personal data protection or to the court;
  • use legal safeguard in case of violation of legislation on protection of personal data;
  • take precautions concerning limitation  of the right on personal data processing when granting the consent;
  • withdraw consent to personal data processing;
  • be informed of the procedure for automated processing of personal data;
  • be safeguarded against an automated decision having legal implications for the person.

The purpose of personal data collection:

  • Provision of responses, consultations to requests;
  • Notification, distribution of advertising, marketing and other information about services provided by the Controller to the Subject of personal data;
  • Sending of informational, advertising and marketing materials, commercial offers etc.

Consent to receive information about the Controller:

By agreeing with this Personal Data Protection Policy and continuing to use the Website, the Subject of personal data gives his/ her voluntary consent to receive any information on the activities of the Controller and acknowledges that the Controller has the right to submit to the Subject of personal data any information without prior agreement by means of electronic communication.

Persons to whom data will be transferred:

Your personal data may be transferred only to the representatives of the Controller of the data in the amount necessary for solution the issue stated in the request. Your personal data shall be not transferred to the third persons.

The  Controller shall guarantee that processing of your personal data will be carried out under the Ukrainian legislation and international agreements of Ukraine. The  Controller shall provide the high level of protection of your personal data from the irrelevant or illegal disclosure.

We additionally inform that the  Controller shall not take responsibility for protection of your personal data when visiting other Websites with references on the  Controller’s Website.