Series of seminars on promotion of goods and services

October 28, 2015

On October 22-23, WTS Consulting/ KM Partners experts held a series of seminars devoted to: “Promotion of goods (works, services): promotion services (merchandising, marketing, outsourcing), bonuses, discounts – the latest trends, tax risks, court practice”.


The most topical issues on this subject were considered in course of the seminars. Experts of WTS Consulting/ KM Partners have comprehensively analyzed the ways to structure the payments for promotion of goods (works, services), in particular: the difference, advantages and drawbacks, documentation, ends and outs of taxation of discounts, bonuses and services. The tax risks which the taxpayers may face while structuring the abovementioned payments and the schemes of their minimization were also thoroughly highlighted.

Experts of WTS Consulting/ KM Partners drew attention to a number of other no less important issues arising in the course of relations on promotion of goods and services between the taxpayers and companies/individuals performing such promotion. Each of the issues discussed was supported by examples from the court practice that shall be considered while structuring relations and may be helpful to avoid standard mistakes and to defense the position in the court.

The seminars were conducted by the team of WTS Consulting experts under supervision of Senior partner Alexander Minin, Partner Alexander Shemiatkin and welcomed our clients and guests.

Information as to other events will be posted on our web site, section “Events”.

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