Alexander Shemiatkin participated in WebEx “Real tax reform for free economy”

January 29, 2016

Online conference “Real tax reform for free economy” was held on January 28, 2016 with information support of business journal “Dengi”. Alexander Shemiatkin, WTS Consulting Partner, KM Partners Attorney at Law, took part in online discussion in the capacity of expert on taxation.

Within the scope of the conference Alexander thoroughly outlined problematic issues of tax reform, namely: Tax on Distributed Profit as an alternative to reformation of Profit Tax and settlement of a problem with its complicated administration; Unified Social Tax as Personal Income Tax, its unjustified separation from Personal Income Tax and others.

According to the expert, real tax reform is possible on condition that oppressive tax system will be substituted for transparent and simple in its administration. The expert stressed that “detrimental impact of criminal cases the government does not realize, in fact, is rather huge”. In this context, the adoption of the Draft Law # 3448 is important as well as the introduction of simple tax rules and adjustment of customs work. However, such issues can be settled, first of all, upon political will of senior government officials.

To view WebEx, please follow the link.

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