Date Title Author Source
19-11-2021 Ukraine adopts new procedure on advance pricing agreements for transfer pricing purposes
Ivan Shynkarenko MNE Tax
01-11-2021 Taxation of motivational fees
Inna Taptunova, Andrii Denysenko "WTS Global VAT Newsletter #4/2021"
01-10-2021 Ukraine Ministry of Finance clarifies general tax consultation on deemed dividends
Ivan Shynkarenko MNE Tax
02-09-2021 How “the state in the smartphone” works with VAT refund as an example
Alexander Minin "Yurydychna Gazeta", No. 16 (746)
30-08-2021 Taxation of digital services in Ukraine
Inna Taptunova, Andrii Denysenko WTS Global VAT Newsletter #3/2021
18-06-2021 Assignments to Ukraine: overview of tax, social security and immigration related matters for cross-border work
Inna Taptunova, Yaroslava Ivasiuk WTS Global: Assignments to Europe
14-06-2021 TOP-3 trends in tax law of Ukraine
"Yurydychna Gazeta", No. 11 (741)
19-05-2021 Ukraine’s new transfer pricing rules expand taxpayer obligations
Ivan Shynkarenko MNE Tax
22-04-2021 Ask a lawyer – what are the benefits provided for employees working in harmful working conditions?
Yaroslava Ivasiuk “The Point”
26-03-2021 Tougher requirements
Maxim Oleksiyuk, Alexander Shvorak "Ukrainskyi Yuryst"
11-03-2021 How to survive the inspection of the State GeoСadastre without losses
Maxim Oleksiyuk, Viktoriia Minets “Yurydychna Gazeta, No. 5 (735)
10-03-2021 To determine expiration of limitation periods
Alexander Shemiatkin, Anna Kravchuk “Yuridicheskaya Praktika, No. 9-10
09-03-2021 New rules on business purpose in Ukraine Test introduced in 2020 has been revised with effect from 2021
Ivan Shynkarenko WTS Klient
12-02-2021 Financial Monitoring directions
Maxim Oleksiyuk, Alexander Shvorak "Ukrainskyi Yuryst"
27-01-2021 Ask a lawyer: Can an employee be suspended from work after a contact with a person infected by COVID-19?
Yaroslava Ivasiuk "The Point "