Alexander Minin delivered a speech at the VIII Judical Forum “TRIAS POLITICA: court in the system of branches of power”

October 7, 2019

VIII Judicial Forum ”TRIAS POLITICA: court in the system of branches of power”, organized by the Ukrainian Bar Association, was held on October 3-4, 2019.

Senior Partner at Alexander Minin delivered a speech at the session «Impact of the ECHR and the Constitutional Court of Ukraine on the national legal system of Ukraine», during which practitioners and representatives of the Constitutional Court and the ECHR discussed the practice of consideration of constitutional complaints, new opportunities and approaches to investments protection.

In his speech Alexander Minin turned to issue «The commonality of a line of grounds when applying to a constitutional complaint institute, to the ECHR or investment arbitration on the issues of taxation». Based on an analysis of international and domestic legislation, he told which ways of extraordinary protection of investors rights could be better choose and combine).

“Despite the formal difference between the various institutions, they protect basic principle provisions, and accordingly, when we encountered them in practice, there is an opportunity to choose, based on the specific tasks, the concrete conditions of these institutions and the processes that are taking place”, – Alexander Minin concluded.

Presentation with Alexander Minin speech is available by the link.