Alexander Minin and Alexander Shemiatkin participated in the WTS Global Annual Conference

October, 16 2018

The annual WTS Global Meeting which was attended by tax advisers from more than 100 countries was held in Brussels, Belgium on October, 10-13.

Alexander Minin, Senior Partner and Alexander Shemiatkin, Partner at represented Ukraine at the meeting.

The conference began with the Tax Directors Meeting, the fourth meeting of tax directors of multinational companies involving representatives of the European Commission and the OECD, designed to facilitate exchange of best practices and ideas regarding a new era of indirect taxes, EU tax legislation, means of ensuring responsible global tax payment. Meetings with potential clients were also held in course of the meeting.

The following issues were discussed during the conference: tax reform in the United States and its effect and implications for non-US companies, updates of European legislation, tax department of the next generation, internationalization of IT tools, digitization of tax functions from a practical viewpoint, further development of indirect taxation, topical issues of mergers and acquisitions, etc.