Alexander Minin delivered a report at the forum “Urgent issues of administrative proceedings in Tax and Customs Disputes”

December 12, 2019

The event regarding Attorney’s at Law upgrade qualification “Urgent issues of administrative proceedings in Tax and Customs Disputes”, organized by the Legal Education Platform with the participation of experts of the Ukrainian Bar Association Committee on Tax and Customs Law was held December 11, 2019.

Senior Partner at Alexander Minin delivered a speech at the forum on the proportionality of sanctions in administrative process as a necessary condition for their legitimacy.

In his speech he underlined, that for the fair application of penalties must be established the amount of damage, which may determine whether the fine, applied for taxpayer is legitimate. In its turn, a fine greater than one that will ensure a proportionate, equitable balance between interests of individual and society – is in fact a confiscation of property.

Summing up, Alexander Minin drew the attention of the audience, that not everything adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, is applicable and the lawyers are the one who “fight on the battlefield” in the administrative courts against “powerful machine – the State”.

Download pdf-file of the presentation of Alexander Minin.