Alexander Minin participated in the meeting with Commissioner of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine

April 05, 2021

On April 01, 2021, the U.S. – Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) held an online discussion with the Commissioner of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine Vadym Melnyk. Alexander Minin, Senior Partner at , was one of the chairs of the public discussion. The meeting was moderated by Morgan Williams, the President of the U.S. – Ukraine Business Council.

During the meeting the participants discussed the issues related to the establishment of the Bureau of Economic Security of Ukraine, namely whether it will be possible to launch a new body within the period prescribed by the law or, perhaps, there will be delays in the transfer of powers, as well as what business shall expect from the new body. The participants of the discussion were also interested in the priority areas of activity of the State Fiscal Service (SFS) over the next six months. It is well known that these are the last months in the history of this body existence. Also, the SFS Commissioner Vadym Melnyk shared his vision for solving the main problems that concern business today. Once again, such problems include blocking VAT invoices, increase of excise tax, as well as the possibility of regulating the tax system at the legislative level, taking into account the interests of white market players – large grain traders of Ukraine. According to the SFS Commissioner, the shadow business is the main problem today, which hinders the proper functioning of both white business and the state, so the fight against the shadow market is one of the priorities of the SFS. The meeting held a fruitful dialogue between the government representatives and business.

The recorded video of the online discussion is available by the link.