Alexander Shemiatkin and Inna Taptunova participated in the press conference “Business and legally important electronic documents – realia”

July 1,2019

The press conference on “Business and legally important electronic documents – realia” was held on June 27, 2019.

Alexander Shemiatkin and Inna Taptunova, Partners at , participated in the event. Being the developers of the project of electronic cabinet of taxpayer, the partners shared their experience and propositions regarding establishment of electronic document circulation with controlling authorities.

Thus, Alexander mentioned that the biggest changes in this issue can be if we start from the Tax Service – in particular, to recognize any digital signatures, not to require paper copies, to reduce control etc. At the same time, it will help to overcome corruption and overregulation of the economy.

Inna Taptunova noted that the authority, having provided the opportunity to use electronic documents at the law level, doesn’t create a mechanism, which would implement it in practice. Moreover, the Tax Service still requires paper documents and copies, not being ready to accept electronic documents both in technical terms and in terms of culture of perception.

In the opinion of Partners at , there will be no real effect from the transition to electronic document circulation until the Tax Service and other state authorities are not obligated for it, therefore business should actively declare such requirements to authority.