Alexander Shemiatkin participated in the forum “Substantive dialogue between business and politicians”

March 6, 2019

The Forum “Substantive dialogue between business and politicians” was held on March 4, 2019 and was organized to offer candidates for the post of President of Ukraine to hear the business-community and support the TOP-10 business priorities for economic growth of the country.

During the sharp discussions business representatives were able to express the urgent problems and ask the “inconvenient” questions to candidates regarding their solving. Alexander Shemiatkin, Partner at , raised the problem of decreasing the tax burden on the labor compensation fund. In particular, he asked the candidates about their vision of solving this problem,
considering the provision of memorandum with the International Monetary Fund regarding limited abilities of tax decreasing and pre- election promises to increase social guarantees and the existence of the political will for it, because the burden decrease on the labor compensation fund and unshadowing sound simple, but this is an entire complex of reforms that are not always popular.

The Forum became the first attempt of Ukrainian entrepreneurs to unite and to build an open dialogue by the broad coalition with politicians before election and receive public support from candidates and readiness to implement business initiatives.