Alexander Shemiatkin participated in the VI Court Forum of the UBA

October 05, 2017

The VI Court Forum organized by the Ukrainian Bar Association was held on September 28-29, 2017. became a partner of the session.

Alexander Shemiatkin, partner of , delivered a report on: “Administrative justice: current reform and prospects for improvement”. Alexander focused on urgent problems of administrative proceedings, in particular, on the definition of the fact in question, the judge role in the process, etc., and analyzed whether these problems were eliminated in the draft of the new Code on Administrative Proceedings of Ukraine. Also, Alexander paid attention to the role of the parties representatives in the process.

It’s necessary to note that the problems in administrative proceedings in respect of the constructions of process and norms of the respective Code were analyzed in the publication on “Fact in question in administrative legal proceedings: from protection of an individual to procedural nihilism. From the experience of practitioners”, published with efforts of the  team. As Mr. Shemiatkin noted in his report, it can be stated that the most critical problems of Code on Administrative Proceedings of Ukraine, specified in the mentioned publication, were prescribed in the draft of the new Code.

Pdf-file of the publication is available by the link.