Antonina Gorodetska and Alexander Minin participated in the round table of the UAA

June 26, 2018

The round table of the Tax Committee of the UAA on: “Illegality of VAT accounts seizure” was held on June 25, 2018 at the LigaBusinessInform Press Center.

Antonina Gorodetska, Senior of Counsel at  and Chairman of the Tax Committee of the UAA, moderated the event, where the following issues were discussed: the definition and legal structure of the VAT limit in terms of the presence/absence of “property” attributes, the legality of seizure of limits in VAT SEA as the security measure of criminal proceedings, the practice of investigating judges on considering the prosecution’s applications on seizure of limits in the VAT SEA, as well as practical aspects of the law violation during considering the application on measures to ensure criminal proceedings illustrated by legal analysis of the court ruling delivered by the investigating judge.

Alexander Minin, Senior Partner at  , also participated in the discussion, where he expressed his position on the enforcement of court decisions delivered by the SFS authorities, the interference of tax authority in the VAT automatic accounting system etc.

The online broadcasting of the event is available by the link.