Ivan Shynkarenko participated in the LHS Discussion Hub

September, 06  2018

On September 04, 2018 Partner at Ivan Shynkarenko participated in LHS Discussion Hub “Global trends of Transfer Pricing”, held within School of Tax Practice Legal High School.
During the discussion the issues of existing legal initiatives, global trends and unresolved issues in the sphere of Transfer Pricing were raised, as well as the results of the latest reporting companies in the sphere of Transfer Pricing in Ukraine. Ivan Shynkarenko highlighted the important figurant in the sphere of Transfer Pricing – the headquarters of multinational companies and the importance of their in-depth perception of national Transfer Pricing rules.

Ivan also emphasized certain debating provisions of the draft law, worked out under the aegis of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and State Fiscal Service for the purpose of implementation of BEPS steps. In particular, he emphasized the dubiousness of the fact, that special rules for intragroup services, envisaged by the draft law could hardly be considered as simplification, in particular, because of the necessity to substantiate the economic feasibility.

Ivan also considered certain peculiarities of Transfer Pricing rules functioning provided that profit tax is replaced by exit capital tax.