Ivan Shynkarenko participated in the seminar-workshop “Transfer Pricing Report. Tax inspections without penalties”

September, 18 2018

On September 13, 2018 Partner at Ivan Shynkarenko delivered a speech at the seminar-workshop “Transfer Pricing Report. Tax inspections without penalties”, hosted by the State Enterprise “Derzhzovnishinform “.

Among the main issues that were discussed at the seminar are the methodology for compiling reports in the context of the prepared documentation, key changes in the legislation that should already be considered, tax audits, litigation.

Ivan Shynkarenko delivered a paper entitled “Arguments for protecting taxpayers in disputes and inspections on the TP. The first legal practice on the essence of the 4th TP method” in the session of the seminar, devoted to the review and analysis of the first judicial precedents. During the discussion, Ivan and other speakers tried to highlight and agree on the interpretation of the issues of determining the date to compare the prices of forward contracts, the competition of various sources of information, differences in terms of the contract from the conditions contained in the sources of information TP, the use of adjustments, inspections and disputes.