Ivan Shynkarenko told about the disputes peculiarities concerning the transfer pricing rules

June 21, 2017

Partner Ivan Shynkarenko delivered a report at the first National Tax Forum on “Transfer pricing. Profit. VAT”. The event was held on June 15 in Dnipro city, where became the partner of the forum.

Ivan told participants about the peculiarities of taxpayers’ defence in TP disputes and shared the conclusions, based on the practical experience. Moreover, Ivan participated in a discussion on “Problematic issues of TP, VAT and Income Tax: general outlook of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine and experts” during which Ivan noted that now there is a certain court practice of the court of cassation on disputes concerning the TP procedural matters, namely concerning penalties and admission to the audit. As for the disputes on the merit of the TP methods, they just get started – each dispute is precedential and determines the law enforcement practice upon the new for Ukraine rules of the price control for the purposes of the taxation.

The presentation of the report of Ivan Shynkarenko is available on the KMP.UA website in the section for subscribers by the link.