Ivan Shynkarenko told about the risks arised during price formation in the import contract

November 04, 2016

14937348_1793599540921062_7359651762246280236_nYesterday under the auspices of SC “DERZHZOVNISHINFORM” in the conference hall of the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine held a conference “Whether is import outside the risk zone? Goods, services, items of intellectual property”, in partnership with KM Partners.

Ivan Shynkarenko, Partner, Ph.D. in Economy, delivered a report on “What should be taken into account during the price formulation in the import contract?”. In report, the partner of customs law practice outlined the issues of price determination and three groups of risk factors that occur during the price in the import contract, to which should be drawn attention of importers to avoid the risks in terms of regulation, control over transfer pricing and financial transactions audits by the banking institutions. Also he gave examples of the “risk” conditions of contractand tasks that must be done during the contract formulation and so on.

Download pdf-file of presentation.