KM Partners acted as legal advisor for IDS Borjomi on the sale of a mineral water plant in Ukraine

 acted as a legal advisor to the IDS Borjomi group companies regarding issues related to the sale of business on extraction, production and sale of the natural mineral water under the “Truskavetska” trademark to the Dragon Capital group of companies.

Regarding the main range of issues, the project was led by  Partner Maxim Oleksiyuk and Senior Of Counsel Alexander Shvorak, and Senior Partner Alexander Minin consulted on tax-related aspects.

The project concerns, in particular, mineral table waters: TM “Truskavetska Aqua-Eco”, “Truskavetska Kryshtaleva” and “Truskavetska Zapovidna”. The corresponding production facilities are located in the city of Truskavets.

IDS Borjomi is a group of companies that is the leader of the mineral water market in Ukraine. “Morshynska”, “Myrgorodska”, “Staryi Myrgorod”, “Sorochynska” are the most famous trademarks of the group in Ukraine. IDS Borjomi is also an exclusive importer of Georgian mineral water “Borjomi” in Ukraine.