The decree on penalties for violation of rules on cash circulation has been declared invalid

On June 20, 2019 a series of decrees were declared invalid by the Decree of the President of Ukraine No 418/2019, including the Decree No. 436 as of June 12, 1995, “On the application of penalties for violation of rules on regulation of cash circulation”, for which struggled for a long time.

This step cancels outdated and irrelevant rules. Thus, the issue of applying penalties for violating the rules of cash circulation is settled at the normative level.

repeatedly raised the question of doubtfulness of penalties for violation of rules of cash circulation. In particular, in March 2019 during the seminar “Taxes, currency and more: what business needs to know in 2019”, organized by the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Alexander Minin, Senior Partner at , emphasized on the absence of authority of controlling bodies to apply penalties for the violation of standards on cash circulation.

This question has also been considered in analytical materials, in particular «Thoughts on questionable violations for cash uncapitalization/untimely cash capitalization», «Penalties for violation in cash circulation sphere. Is everything so bad?» and «Do the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine and its territorial bodies have a right to apply penalties for the violation of the National Bank of Ukraine standards on cash circulation?».