Yuliia Kryvomaz was elected as the member of the Council of the UBA Committee on Tax and Customs Law

February 2, 2022

On February 1, the procedure of elections to the boards of the Ukrainian Bar Association (the UBA) Committees officially ended. According to the election results, Yuliia Kryvomaz, ‘s  Senior Of Counsel, was elected a member of the Board of the UBA Tax and Customs Law Committee.

In the Development Program for the Committee, which was prepared as part of the election process, Yuliia said that new times need new solutions, so she suggested making the Committee’s work even more relevant and important given the ever-changing surrounding conditions.

This requires developing the existing instruments which still have potential as well as applying new methods of influence, in particular, the formation of law enforcement practices, to provide even greater practical benefits from the work of the Committee for the UBA members and taxpayers in general.

“In particular, in 2022-2023 we would see the establishment of the UBA as a kind of coordination center that could help to identify the most painful and actual problems typical for taxpayers as soon as possible. For example, according to the Code of Administrative Procedure of Ukraine courts may apply directly to the Supreme Court to resolve a case as a typical <…>

Usually, the consideration of the case, which is held in the general order by the courts of all instances, goes slowly and can last for 3-4 years. During this period taxpayers are forced to live in a legal uncertainty <…>

In view of this, we would try to ensure data collection by the Committee on topical issues and cases that could be considered as typical by the Supreme Court and would try to cooperate with the courts in this direction”.

Besides, the Program states that the UBA can have a strong power of persuasion in the formation of law enforcement practices since the UBA brings together a significant number of specialists in the field of law. Such experts can help to crystallize sound arguments on a particular issue.

The opinion expressed by legal experts on behalf of the UBA will also demonstrate for public authorities and courts how a certain issue is perceived by the legal community, lawyers practicing in the field of taxation, that will also influence the formation of law enforcement practices.

We wish our colleague Yuliia success and believe that Yuliia will succeed in realization of well-defined directions and make a valuable contribution to the Committee of the Ukrainian Bar Association relying on complex understanding of specific features of system of taxation of the enterprises and based on the considerable experience of , well-known leaders in tax practice sphere.

The full text of the Development Program for the UBA Committee can be found by the link.