Seminar “Relations with tax authorities during unscheduled tax audits and criminal proceedings”

May 28, 2015

On May 28, 2015 the experts of WTS Consulting conducted the seminar “Relations with tax authorities during unscheduled tax audits and criminal proceedings”.

The agenda of the seminar consisted of two parts. In the first part our clients were provided with detailed information regarding sufficient grounds for non-permit to unscheduled tax audits prescribed by Article 78 of the Tax Code of Ukraine. Taking into account the importance of prompt and appropriate respond in case of decision on non-permit, the operating procedure and peculiarities of documents signing were discussed as well. Moreover, the experts have covered such issues, namely: what measures can tax authority take in case of non-permit of officials to the tax audit and how can taxpayers stand up against such measures. The speakers have provided practical recommendations on defense strategies against actions of tax authorities within different legal proceedings both of action and separate proceedings.

The second part of the seminar was devoted to the issues of relations with tax authorities in the course of criminal proceedings. Thus, our participants have analyzed peculiarities of legal defense of taxpayers’ officials during pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings on white collar crimes. In particular, the agenda concluded issues on submitting documents on requests of law enforcement authorities, providing temporary access to personal belongings and documents, search conduct and interrogations procedure of taxpayers’ officials.

The clients and guests of WTS Consulting visited this event. The seminar was conducted by the experts under auspies of the Senior Partner Alexander Minin.

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